Leisure activities in the Gard provençal

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MOUNTAIN BIKING & OFF-ROAD CYCLING - cyclo-touring in the Gard Provençal
This beautiful area, combined with its excellent weather, make it ideal for cyclists who can use its myriad of picturesque country roads and trails to explore the Gard's nature and small villages.
Whether it be around Uzès in the Cèze valley, or the surroundings of Caesar's Camp, in Laudun, there is an apparent infinite number of places waiting to be discovered. Visit the website and click on the 'TopoGuide' link to discover a few suggestions of detailed cycling tours. The Uzès cycling club (UVC) has marked out fourteen mountain bike circuits which have been homologated by the French Cycling Federation (FFC), graded from 'Green' to 'Black'. These circuits, which total 260km, enable everyone, whatever their sporting ability and fitness levels, to explore the Uzège and fourteen of its villages.
The maps of these circuits can be obtained at the Tourist Office of Uzès or at the Information Centre of Saint-Quentin-de-la-Poterie. They may also be downloaded from the UVC website on

A Via Ferrata has been set out near Collias in the Gardon Gorges. Some 300m long, with an overall height variation of 35m, it provides breathtaking views over the Gardon Gorges. Its details and levels of difficulty (AD grading) can be found at the Collias Tourist Office or on its website. In addition to the Via Ferrata, the Gardon Gorges offer superb cliffs which are ideal for rock climbing, particularly around Collias, Russan (le Castelas) or Pont Saint-Nicolas. The official website of the French Federation of Mountaineering and Rock Climbing (FFMC) also lists sites around Rochefort du Gard, in Tresque, at La Capelle-et-Masmolène, close to Uzès…

Whether on the rivers Cèze or Gardon, fans of water sports can enjoy exciting descents. Towards the end of summer, however, the water levels can get quite low and one must be careful to avoid hitting any rocks. The Gardon Gorges are particularly attractive, with a true delight being – dependent on your chosen itinerary – the possibility of rowing under the arches of the Pont du Gard.
The river Cèze offers a wide array of itinerary options, from a mini-descent (7km) right through to a two-day raid, with a night spent camping in the gorges. Less frequented than the Gardon, whilst equally attractive, a descent of the river Cèze is ideal for discovering canoeing as a family activity. 

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WALKING CIRCUITS in the Gard Provencal
A great many paths and trails criss-cross the area, allowing you to discover the beauty and richness of the Gard's nature, with its wildlife, plants and flowers, its rich historical heritage and small welcoming villages. A Grande Randonnée trail (GR63) cuts through the Gard Provençal from Avignon to the Col du Mercou by way of Rochefort-du-Gard, Saint-Hilaire d’Ozilhan, Vers-Pont-du-Gard, Collias
During the summer months, there is a circuit, beloved by adults and children alike, which combines walking (approximately 11km in total), swimming and 'potholing'. Departing from the beach of Collias, it leads up through the Gardon Gorges until the Mill of La Baume (Moulin de la Baume), before going on to the Hermitage of Saint-Vérédème; once there you will require torches as you go through, in pitch darkness, the cave of Saint-Vérédème for over 150m. You then emerge into daylight for a gradual climb up to the plateau, before walking back down towards Collias through orchards, vines and garrigue (please note the return is not as clearly signposted).

RIVER SWIMMING in the Gard provencal
There are many places to swim throughout the Gard Provençal. Whether by the Cèze or the Gardon, each site appears more magnificent than the next and you will always find somewhere ideally suited to swimming with your family. The most spectacular beaches on the banks of the Gardon can be found at Collias, Vers and the Pont du Gard.
If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, do not hesitate to walk a bit, as you will not fail to discover quiet places which you may have entirely to yourselves, even at the height of summer.  You can enhance your days here with picnics, fishing, canoeing, afternoon naps… 

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